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Online Gift Registry Service Testimonials & Reviews

These are some comments, feedback and reviews from hundreds of our satisfied customers around the world.

Alternatively, you can view some of our interesting registries or an example of what your registry will look like.

You may also see some positive reports from the media.

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""It was great, very easy and efficient.

Keep up the great work!"

Jo & Steve (Wedding Guests)

"The concept of your website is fantastic and ... it has worked very well for us."

Lauren & Ryan (Wedding Couple)

Registry: Lauren & Ryan's wedding

South Africa
"I recently received 3 wedding invitations, all with on-line gift registries. Of the three, yours was by far the easiest to use ...

Your website was quick and easy to use."

Marcia & Chris (Wedding Guests)

Registry: Thais & Ricky's Wedding

"I was extremely impressed with your wed site and I have said on multiple occasions that it is one of the most impressive things from a wedding that I have ever seen.

I know of a few people that have an upcoming wedding and I have sent them your link to have a look at.

The first time I went on to the website to RSVP, I was so impressed that I rang the Bride that day to let her know how great it was. It made everything so easy, from the RSVP to the gift registry.

I will be definitely recommending your website for years to come."

Karen Thomson (Wedding Guests)

"Loved the website!

I was very impressed, so much so that I insisted a couple of my friends look at it even though they did not know Jess and Aaron."

Karen & Greg (Wedding Guests)

Registry: Jessica and Aaron's Wedding Gift Registry

"We were very pleased with our experience on your website. Being a modern
couple that has been living independently for so many years, already
with so many kitchen appliances, a traditional registry wasn't really
for us.

As our wedding was abroad, we were looking to create a website that we
could use to put lots of useful information on for our guests. This was
why your site was a clear choice for us - we could do it all on the one

It was also a huge benefit that we had a unique URL for our site, and
that we didn't need to print lots of instructions or registry numbers on
our invitations. Many registries also limit your site to a 4 week
window. Again for us giving information to people well in advance was
super useful, so not having this restriction was a huge help …

We were really pleased and have already recommended your site
to other friends planning their weddings."

Katharine & Phil (Wedding Couple)

Registry: Katharine and Phil's Wedding

United Kingdom
"I thought it was great. Very easy to navigate around the site and easy to operate"

David and Susan Thomas (Wedding Guest)

"We thought it was great and it was so nice to have interesting gifts to be able to purchase for our bride and groom. Very easy to use and great to be able to personalize it with our own message."

Brad, Catherine and Sophia (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Lisa and Quenten's Wedding and Will's Christening

"Overall I thought the website was simple and easy to use."

Sophie Rogers (Wedding Guest)

"Suffice to say that we found your website excellent, easy to use and follow with easy payment method and options with good feedback.

This way of running a gift registry is excellent. We have another wedding coming up who used one of your competitors which introduced us to the concept and we thought then that it was an excellent idea.

I have no suggestions for improvement. Our use was a very positive experience."

Julian Higgs (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Elke and Andrew's Wedding

"We enjoyed using the on line gift registry think it is a great idea and will recommend it to other friends in the future!! Keep it up"

Felicity Stevens (Wedding Guest)

"Beyond the fact that it is a brilliant idea, I found your website clean,
well signposted and very easy to use. I can't actually think of anything
to improve... so well done!!"

Alicia Gibbs (Wedding Guest)

"It was very easy to use in regards to paypal and the look and feel of the

Sarah Kennedy (Wedding Guest)

"This is the first time I have used your site and I thought it was very good. It made it all very easy and quick for busy people like myself."

Mark Smyth (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Adam and Ruth's Wedding

"I think your website provides a unique and useful gift giving alternative and I found your site fairly easy to use … Overall, I do think this is a great concept and a welcome alternative to gift giving for the newlyweds."

Daphne Brown (Wedding Guest)

"I had a very positive experience with your website. I was able to find the couple that I was looking for very easy. I also liked how the pictures of what they were planning on doing were available for viewing. I really enjoyed that we could leave a personalized message for the next time the couple logged on. Keep up the great work!"

Kaleena King (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Heather & Aaron's Wedding

United States
"I enjoyed using the site: it was clear, attractive and a fun way to host a wedding website."

Tom and Emily (Wedding Guest)

"This was my first time using Our Wishing Well, and I thought it was an excellent site. I especially liked the fact that you could have the option of contributing to a product listed in the registry and also as a customer, feeling secure in doing so.”

Lauranna Li (Wedding Guest)

"As mother to a current bride, and stepmother to another, I was only recently aware of online registries for weddings. All of those have been for specific stores, which seem to be very aggressive about marketing their companies, which seemed very tacky…

The beauty of your website is that it doesn't promote any one company, merely the wishes of the individual couple… it does, as my daughter points out, mean that they will get things they want and can use rather than things that they will return, regift or just not use, which is a waste of money and resources... The other thing that your website is able to provide, that others don't, is the ability to contribute to a "cause": honeymoon, second-hand car, place of work or worship or charity. That makes it a much more personal reflection of the individual couple."

Sandy and David Oldfield (Wedding Guest)

"We're really pleased with it. It is a easy product to use. Even my fiancée who is technically challenged is using this technology to help us with our planning. Thanks for creating this product that helps us very easily be more hospitable to our guests!"

Frances (Wedding)

Registry: Fran & Gareth's Wedding

United States
"Thank you for your well wishes. We had a beautiful wedding and honeymoon. The use of your website was a great aid to our honeymoon of a lifetime. It allowed several persons to gift us who were unable to come to our wedding. You have a super website and, from looking at the differing customers, you offer people a variety of reasons to use this website."

Jaki (Wedding)

Registry: Our Spring Wedding

United States
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Gift Registry

"Save Time" for the host:

  • quick & easy - less than 5 minutes to set up
  • no more shops - set up from the comfort of your own home & avoid returning unwanted / duplicate items

"Save Time" for the guest:

  • quick & easy - provide gifts within minutes through NewGiftRegistry
  • no more shops - avoid running around to find gifts - you can use NewGiftRegistry anytime, from the comfort of your own home

  Gift Registries

"Save Money" for the host:

  • avoid wasting money - no duplicate items
  • avoid disappointment - get items you want & need
  • not limited to products / prices from one store - use money anywhere
  • free to create your own personalised gift registry / wishing well

"Save Money" for the guest:

  • avoid wasting money - no duplicate items and only items that the host wants/needs
  • avoid disappointment - your host chooses the items they want/need - you simply pick the gift(s) that you would like to contribute towards
  • save money on petrol - no hectic travelling from store to store
  • save money on wrapping - no wrapping of presents means more money to contribute towards gifts or more money saved by you  - you choose
  • save money on shipping & handing - no shipping & handling fees means more money to contribute towards gifts or more money saved by you  - you choose
  • free to view a registry (before deciding if you would like to proceed or not)

  Wedding Registry

"More Value" for the host:

  • expensive gifts are now an option - instead of smaller gifts, multiple guests can contribute to bigger items
  • money can go towards the things you really need

"More Value" for the guest:

  • instead of individual smaller gifts, multiple guests can make a contribution towards larger, more significant, items
  • money goes towards the things the host really needs/wants

  Gift Registry

"Reduce Stress" for the host:

  • eliminate the hassle of transporting large/numerous gifts
  • eliminate the stress of worrying about large amounts of money being stored in a physical wishing well on the day of the event
  • NewGiftRegistry.com is safe and secure

"Reduce Stress" for the guest:

  • eliminate the hassle of transporting large/numerous gifts
  • eliminate the stress of trying to pick the right gift
  • eliminate the stress of large amounts of money being stored in a physical wishing well on the day of the event
  • NewGiftRegistry is safe and secure

  Gift Registries

"Access Money" for the host:

  • instant access to money as soon as it is contributed by your guests
  • guests can provide money instantly (before the event)
  • you can use gift money to help pay for the event

"Access Money" for the guest:

  • help your host to obtain the things they really need by providing gifts of money
  • any gifts of money you contribute are instantly available to your host (before the event) so they can benefit straight away

  Wedding Registry

"Easy Access" for the host

  • overseas guests and those who cannot attend can still provide gifts
  • no one is limited to shop business hours - 24/7 access for you and your guests (anytime, anywhere)
  • quick & easy for your guests to use
  • support team ready to help - so you can relax & enjoy your event!

"Easy Access" for the guest

  • overseas guests and those who cannot attend can still provide gifts
  • no one is limited to shop business hours - 24/7 access for you to contribute (anytime, anywhere)
  • quick & easy to use
  • support team ready to help - so you can relax & enjoy the event!


"Safe & Secure" for the host & guest:

  • technical and security best practices - using "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)"
  • internal and external fraud prevention measures
  • strict privacy policy
  • you are in control over your account and how/when your money is withdrawn
  • all transactions are logged for auditing & authenticity validation purposes
  • thousands of other people have successfully used our services - see testimonies
  • our organisation has built a reputation based on quality service, honesty and integrity since 2003
  • our organisation has received a number of awards and accolades

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